From the moment reports began circulating that the Toyota Supra 3.0 had a manual gearbox, BMW enthusiasts began to wonder if the six-cylinder Z4 would also have a manual gearbox. The Japanese sports car with its B58 engine and his three pedals officially debuted at the end of April, but Munich's Peep didn't say a word about putting clutch his pedals on the M40i. .

6 speed manual for Z4 M40i

However, our sources originally said it would happen in July, and now we are told that the world debut is imminent. I plan to break the cover. We don't know the exact date, but a quick look at the calendar shows that he will premiere in nine days at the latest.

Remember, late last month, BMW's official Dutch website featured a six-speed manual Z4 M40i. What kind of transmission will it get? Well, the Supra, which is basically his Z4 coupe, uses his 6MT modified Z4 sDrive20i. It was codenamed “GS6L50TZ” on the Supra and not “GS6L40LZ” on the BMW, as Toyota made some changes by fitting a larger clutch specifically for the sports car. Additionally, the hardware had to be beefed up to accommodate the extra punch of the B58.

BMW Z4 M40i First Edition Czech Market Launch 60 830x553

Beyond the addition of the M Performance version's 6-speed manual (coming to the US, by the way), the Z4 is unlikely to receive major changes. It's not a strong seller, and recent reports indicate it's coming to an end in 2025, so BMW probably wants to offer some subtle updates before pulling the plug. , we hear the Roadster will keep the iDrive 7 and physical buttons, with minimal styling changes.

The Z4 LCI, which debuted by the end of September, will likely go on sale next year. Pricing has yet to be announced, but it should be pointed out that the 6MT is a no-cost option for the Supra.