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Union leaders vow to fight to save ‘threatened’ Mansfield station ticket office

The National Railway, Maritime and Transport Workers' Union said the government has amended its guidance on changing ticket office hours, paving the way for railway operators to try to reduce or close most of the ticket offices at stations across the country. I was.

Mick Lynch RMT The general secretary said:

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Mansfield Station – Strike Day.

“Profit-hungry train operators have no regard for the negative impact on the safety of vulnerable passengers and staff.

“We have no problem with true modernization and adaptation of modern railway systems.

“However, we do not allow thousands of members to join the British Doll Queue in peace or accept versions of dismissal and re-employment on inferior terms.

“We will fight this at every step with a national rail strike. I can.”

Cat Hobbs, director of We Own It, an organization advocating the nationalization of public services, including railroads, said:

“We all need them, from children traveling alone for the first time to older passengers who don't have smartphones to buy tickets.

“You can't have Great British Railways if people can't even ask for the information and support they need.

“It is vital that the government scraps its disastrous plan to close nearly 1,000 ticket offices. That is why we are joining forces with RMT Union in the fight for the very future of railways.

“This government should make it easier for people to get on trains, instead of abandoning passengers with mediocre service.”

Serves trains on the Robin Hood Line between Nottingham and Worksop via Newstead, Kirkby, Sutton Parkway, Mansfield, Mansfield Woodhouse, Sherbrooke and Langwith Waily Thorne. The East Midlands Railway said it was a problem with its rail delivery group. , which represents the railway operator.

RDG has been reached for comment, but a spokesperson previously said:

“With changing travel patterns accelerating and more passengers moving to digital technology, no decisions have been made regarding ticket offices, but many jobs will need to be changed to become more passenger-centric.

“The railroad company wants to work with unions on how to address these changes while ensuring the industry doesn't take more than its fair share from taxpayers.”

According to the union, the EMR ticket offices at risk of closing are:

Alfreton; Beeston; Boston; Burton of Trent; Chesterfield; Corby; Derby; East Midlands Parkway; Hinckley; Nottingham; Sheffield; Skegness; Sleaford; Spalding; Stamford;

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